Hello there and may God Bless you and
your family and your loved ones, two- and four-footed!
My name is Johnny and my Saluki companions and I live in a nice wooded area within the National Capital Greenbelt that surrounds the original City of Ottawa. Ottawa’s Canada's federal capital and my home town.
It's so peaceful and natural out here that we have a resident wild turkey that everyone calls Matilda, and some time ago a nice doe swooshed past me within an arm's length as I was chatting to a neighbour then she jumped the six-foot fence into the dog run where she bumped my canoe off of its stands then she jumped out the other side of the run leaving a few of her tummy hairs on both fence rails as the only evidence of her visit!
Good thing my pooches only saw this brief intrusion from indoors; can you imagine the mayhem that would have ensued if they were outside?  \\:-))
Welcome to OÜr Salukis
Name: Johnny Mróz
Birthday: Every winter
College: Algonquin
Major: Technical Writing
and awarded
STC scholarship
Favourite breed: Saluki Hounds
Favourite colours: Red+Blue
Favourite food: Delmonico
Favourite movie: The Passion
of the Christ (2004)
Favourite quote: All you need
is love
Favourite ASCII follies:
&**>   U*|*U    \\:-))    =o&o>
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since May 19, 2007
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My favourite Salukis &**>
  1. 1.✞ Ch. Windstorm Ny An’Ah
    Nyanah or The Nyalator)
  2. 2.✞ Windstorm Shwana Black Piano
    Akila, Aki, or The Keeler)
  3. 3.Ch. Windstorm Shwana China Lute (China or Baby Fat Baby)
  4. 4.Ch. Karnak Reign’s Hero Leonidas FCh. CGN QC [BIF] (Leo or The Beaner)
  5. 5.Faridaat Gordhan-ji Of Oür (CKC pointed)
    Gordon, Jordie, G-ji, or Gee-Gee)
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